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Title Summary Price
Muhyiddin Ibn 'Arabi -
Commemorative Volume
Edited by Stephen Hirtenstein and Michael Tiernan. A selection of papers and translations. Out of print
Wird Ibn 'Arabi's daily morning and evening prayers for recitation in Arabic. Original text with phonetic transliteration. Hardcover $21
Hizbu-l Wiqayah
This prayer by Ibn 'Arabi protects its recipient. Arabic text with phonetic pronunciation for recitation. In microfiche form, it is frequently carried as an amulet or displayed in a significant place. Hardcover $18
Microfiche $4

Journal of the Muhyiddin Ibn 'Arabi Society

Issue Contents Price
Volume I, 1982
(96 pages)
  • "Ibn 'Arabi," Peter Young
  • "Begining a study of the work of Ibn 'Arabi," Richard MacEwan
  • "Muhyiddin Ibn 'Arabi and St. Albertus Magnus of Cologne," Adam Dupré
  • Translation of Ibn 'Arabi's own summary of the Fusûs:The Imprint of the Bezels of the Wisdom by William Chittick
  • Translation of Ibn 'Arabi's Theophany of Perfection by Avraham Abadi
Volume II, 1984
(100 pages)
  • "Between the Yea and the Nay," Peter Young
  • "The Feminine Dimension in Ibn 'Arabi's Thought," Ralph Austin
  • Translation of Ibn 'Arabi's The Book of Alif (or) The Book of Unity by Avraham Abadi
  • Translation of The Chapter Headings of the Fusûs by William Chittick
  • Book Reviews
Volume III, 1984
(66 pages)
  • "First Annual Symposium of the Ibn 'Arabi Society," Dom Sylvester Houédard
  • "Meditations on the Vocabulary of Love and Union in Ibn 'Arabi's Thought," Ralph Austin
  • "Union and Ibn 'Arabi," Bulent Rauf
  • Translation of Sufi Terminology: Ibn 'Arabi's al-Istilâh al-Sûfiyyah by Rabia Terri Harris
  • "Ibn 'Arabi: A Handlist of Printed Materials: Part 1," Martin Notcutt
Volume IV, 1985
(75 pages)
  • "Universality and Ibn 'Arabi," Bulent Rauf
  • Translation of an extract from the Preface to the Futûhât by Layla Shamash and Stephen Hirtenstein
  • "Universal and Divine Sainthood," Stephen Hirtenstein
  • "The Rainbow Crystal," Dom Sylvester Houédard
  • Book Reviews
  • "Ibn 'Arabi: A Handlist of Printed Materials: Part II," Martin Notcutt
Volume V, 1986
(76 pages)
  • "Wisdom and Wisdoms," Bulent Rauf
  • "Aspects of Non-manifestation in the Modalities of Being," Avraham Abadi
  • Translation of What the Student Needs: Ibn 'Arabi's Ma La Budda Minhu Lil-Murid by Tosun Bayrak al-Jerrahi
  • Book Reviews
Volume VI, 1987
(73 pages)
  • Bulent Rauf (1911-1987)
  • "Concerning the Universality of Ibn 'Arabi," Bulent Rauf
  • "On the Dignity of Man," Frithiof Rundgren
  • "Universal Nature," Peter Young
  • "Aspects of Time and Light," Stephen Hirtenstein
  • Book Reviews
Volume VII, 1988
(99 pages)
  • Translation of two poems from the Diwân of Ibn 'Arabi by Ralph Austin
  • "Love and Knowledge according to some Islamic Philosophers," Frithiof Rundgren
  • "Light Illumination of all Possibility," Robert Breinl
  • "The Lady Nizam - an Image of Love and Knowledge," Ralph Austin
  • "The Arising of the Indications of Self-Subsistence in the Heart," Avraham Abadi
  • "Love and Knowledge," Elizabeth Roberts
  • "To the Murcian Gnostic...," Seyyid Hussein Nasr
  • Book Reviews
Volume VIII, 1989
(89 pages)
  • "On Knowing the Station of Love," poems from 78th chapter of the Futuhat al-Makkiyya, translated by Ralph Austin
  • "On Majesty and Beauty," Translation of the Kitâb al-Jalâl wa-l Jamâl of Ibn 'Arabi by Rabia Terri Harris
  • "Concerning the Station of Purity," Peter Young
  • "A Forerunner of Ibn al-'Arabi: Hakim Tirmidhî on Sainthood," Bernd Radtke
  • "The Golden Bricks of Ibn 'Arabi," Dom Sylvester Houédard
  • "Expression and the Inexpressible," Adam Dupré
  • Book Reviews
Volume IX, 1991
(75 pages)
  • Translation of Kitab al-fanâ' fi-l mushâhadah by Stephen Hirtenstein and Layla Shamash
  • "Ibn'Arabi and Ottoman Dervish Traditions: The Melâmî
  • Supra-order," Victoria Rowe Holbrook
  • "The Diffusion of Ibn 'Arabi's Doctrine," Michel Chodkiewicz
  • Book Review
Volume X, 1991
(75 pages)
  • Ibn 'Arabi's "Gentle Now, Doves of the Thornberry and Moringa Thicket" (the eleventh poem from the Tarjumân al-Ashwâq ) introduced and translated by Michael Sells
  • "The Hierarchy of Saints in Jewish and Islamic Mysticism," Paul Fenton
  • "Theophanies and Lights in the Thought of Ibn 'Arabi," Osman Yahia
  • "Reflections of Ibn 'Arabi in Early Naqshbandi Tradition," Hamid Algar
  • Book Review
Volume XI, 1992
(68 pages)
  • "Notes on the More Than Human Saying: 'Unless You Know Yourself You Cannot Know God', Dom Sylvester Houédard
  • "Theophany as Paradox: Ibn 'Arabi's Account of al-Khadir in his Fusûs al-Hikam," Ian Richard Netton
  • "The Seal of Saints - A Prophet and an Heir," Avraham Abadi
  • "Ibn 'Arabi in the Yemen: His Admirers and Detractors," Alexander Knysh
  • Book Review
Volume XII, 1992
(78 Pages)
  • "Image and Presence in the Thought of Ibn al-'Arabi," Ralph Austin
  • "Ibn 'Arabi and Ottoman Dervish Traditions: The Melâmî Supra-Order. Part Two," Victoria Rowe Holbrook
  • "Gnosis: Images of the Real," Elton Hall
  • "Seeing Past the Shadows: Ibn 'Arabi's "Divine Comedy," James Winston Morris
  • Book Reviews
Volume XIII, 1993
(85 pages)
  • The Man Without Attributes: Ibn 'Arabi's Interpretation of Abu Yazid al-Bastami," Carl W. Ernst
  • "Listening for God: Prayer and the Heart in the Futûhât," James Winston Morris
  • "Ibn 'Arabi's Fiqh: Three Cases from the Futûhât," Eric Winkel
  • Book Reviews
Volume XIV, 1993
(68 pages)
Prayer and Contemplation
  • "The Mystery of Prayer: A poem from al-Futûhât al-Makkiyya," translated by Ralph Austin
  • "Introduction," Stephen Hirtenstein
  • "Aspects of Mystical Prayer in Ibn 'Arabi's Thought," Ralph Austin
  • "Invocation and Illumination according to Ibn 'Arabi," Souad Hakim
  • "People of the Night," Layla Shamash
  • "The Vision of God according to Ibn 'Arabi," Michel Chodkiewicz
Volume XV, 1994
(72 pages)
  • Three one-line poems from the Diwân of Ibn 'Arabi, translated by Ralph Austin
  • "The Kitâb al-inbâh 'alâ tarîq Allâh of 'Abdallah Badr al-Habashi: an account of the spiritual teaching of Muhyiddin Ibn 'Arabi, introduced and translated by Denis Gril
  • "The Paradox of the Duty of Perfection in the Doctrine of Ibn 'Arabi," Claude Addas
  • "The Diwân of Ibn 'Arabi," Roger Deladriëre
  • Book Reviews
  • Books published in France since 1981 dealing with the life and works of Ibn 'Arabi
  • Index: translations, studies and book reviews previously published in the Journal
Volume XVI, 1994
(90 Pages)
  • Three one-line poems from the Diwân of Ibn 'Arabi, translated by Ralph Austin
  • "'Seeking God's Face': Ibn 'Arabi on Right Action and Theophanic Vision." Part 1, James Morris
  • "The Wisdom of Divine Unity: Qur'anic Paradoxes and Inversions in Ibn 'Arabi's Gloss on Hud in the Fusûs al-Hikam," Ronald Nettler
  • "Lunar View, Air-glow Blue: Ibn 'Arabi's Conversations with the Prophet Adam", Stephen Hirtenstein
  • "Ibn 'Arabi and the Perfectibility of Man", Elton Hall
  • Book Reviews.

Volume XVII,1995
(106 pages)
  • Three one-line poems from the Diwân of Ibn 'Arabi, translated by Ralph Austin
  • "'Seeking God's Face': Ibn 'Arabi on Right Action and Theophanic Vision." Part 2, James Morris
  • "Love Letters to the Ka'ba: A Presentation of Ibn 'Arabi's Tâj al Rasâ'il", Denis Gril
  • "The Divine Roots of Human Love", William Chittick
  • "Abdullah Effendi: Commentator on the Fusûs al-Hikam", Christopher Shelley
  • Book Reviews.
Volume XVIII,1995
(74 pages)
  • A Poem from Chapter 38 of the Futûhât al-Makkiyya, translated by Stephen Hirtenstein
  • "On the Divine Love of Beauty", Pablo Beneito
  • "The Way of Walâya (Sainthood or Friendship of God)", Souad Hakim
  • "Between the Secret Chamber and the Well-trodden Path: Ibn 'Arabi's exposition of the wajh al khâss", Stephen Hirtenstein
  • "'At the Way Stations, Stay': Ibn 'Arabi's Poem 18 (Qif bi l-Manâzil) from the Translation of Desires", translation and commentary by Michael Sells
  • Book Reviews.
Volume XIX, 1996
(120 pages)
The Journey of The Heart
  • Introduction: John Mercer
  • "The Ship of Stone", Claude Addas
  • "Stillness, Motion and the non-existence of the Traveller", Aaron Cass
  • "'He moves you through the land and sea...' Learning from the earthly Journey", James Winston Morris
  • "The Endless Voyage", Michel Chodkiewicz
  • "The Flight of the Fabulous Gryphon", Gerald Elmore
Volume XX, 1996
(95 pages)
  • A Poem by Ibn 'Arabi, translated by Stephen Hirtenstein
  • "The Station of Proximity", Avraham Abadi
  • "Presence with God", William C. Chittick
  • "Commentaries on the Fâtiha and Experience of the Being according to Ibn 'Arabi", Denis Gril
  • "Ibn 'Arabi and the Qur'an: Some passages Concerning Musa in the Fusûs al-Hikam , Ronald C. Nettler
  • "Penetrating Meaning", Cecilia Twinch
  • Book Reviews.
Volume XXI, 1997
(102 pages)
  • Introduction, Stephen Hirtenstein
  • "'Day of the One': A presentation of Ibn 'Arabi's Prayer for Sunday", Stephen Hirtenstein
  • "Praise as a means to mystical advancement, according to Ibn 'Arabi and other religious traditions", Carl A. Keller
  • "There is no word in the world that does not indicate His praise", Denis Gril
  • "The Banner of Praise", Michel Chodkiewicz
  • "Hamd al-hamd: The paradox of praise in Ibn al-'Arabi's doctrine of Oneness", Gerald Elmore
Volume XXII, 1997
(96 pages)
  • A Poem by Ibn ' Arabi
  • "Paradoxes of a Mausoleum", Ryad Atlagh
  • "The Hidden Secret Concerning the Tomb of Ibn 'Arabi: A treatise by 'Abd al-Ghani an-Nabulusi", translated by Paul B. Fenton
  • "The Way of the Axial Intellect: The Islamic Hermeticism of Ibn Sab'in", Vincent J. Cornell
  • Book Reviews: "Creation and the Timeless Order of Things"; "Early Islamic Mysticism"; "Manzil al-manâzil al-fahwâniyah"
Volume XXIII, 1998
(96 pages)
  • "Originality Under the Guardianship of Ibn 'Arabi", Gamal al-Ghitani
  • "The Straight Path", Peter Young
  • "'...Except His Face': The Political and Aesthetic Dimensions of Ibn 'Arabi's Legacy", James Winston Morris
  • "The Symbolism of Letters and Language in the Work of Ibn 'Arabi", Pierre Lory
  • "Holding on and Letting go", Eric Winkel
  • Selections from Ibn 'Arabi's Tarjuman al-Ashwaq (Translation of Desires), translated by Michael Sells
  • "A Selection of Texts on the Theme of Praise from some Gnomic Works by Ibn al-'Arabi", Gerald Elmore
  • Book Reviews: "The Self-Disclosure of God", "Ibn 'Arabi et le Voyage Sans Retour".
Volume XXIV, 1998
(96 pages)
  • "The Kiss" (a poem translated by Gerald Elmore)
  • "On the Road to Santarem", Gerald Elmore
  • "The Figure and Truth of Abraham in Ibn 'Arabi's Fusus al-Hikam", Ronald L. Nettler
  • "The Presence of Superlative Compassion (Rahamut)", Pablo Beneito
Volume XXV, 1999
(103 pages)
  • Two Short Exhortations by Ibn al-'Arabi
  • "The Relevance of Retreat: A Reflection on the Religious Imagination", Rabia Terri Harris al-Jerrahi
  • "The Beauty of Oneness Witnessed in the Emptiness of the Heart", Cecilia Twinch
  • "Ibn 'Arabi and Modern Thought", Peter Coates
  • "Ibn al-'Arabi's Book of the Fabulous Gryphon" ('Anqå al-Mughrib) Gerald Elmore
  • "Ibn 'Arabi: Towards a Universal Point of View", Peter Young
  • Society Notices
  • Book Reviews: Divine Governance of the Human Kingdom
    The Concept of Sainthood in Early Islamic Mysticism
    Essays on the Origins of the Technical Language of Islamic Mysticism
Volume XXVI, 1999
(123 pages)
  • A Couplet by Ibn 'Arabi
  • "Ibn al-'Arabi's Testament on the Mantle of Initiation (al-Khirqah)", Gerald Elmore
  • "Bulent and the Blue Fusus", Angela Culme-Seymour
  • "A General Outline of the Influence of Ibn 'Arabi on the Ottoman Era", Mustafa Tahrali
  • "Did the Two Oceans Meet?", Omid Safi
  • "The Diffusion of Akbarian Teaching in Iran during the 13th and 14th Centuries", Omar Benaïssa
  • "The Ibn al-'Arabi of the Ottomans", 'Abdullah Ùalåhaddin al-'Ushshåqi (1705-82), Mahmud Erol Kiliç
  • Society Notices
  • Book Reviews
Volume XXVII, 2000
(88 pages)
  • A Poem by Ibn al-'Arabi
  • "Ibn 'Arabi's Treatise on the Knowledge of the Night of Power and Its Timing", Pablo Beneito and Stephen Hirtenstein
  • "Towards the Straight Path of God: Ibn 'Arabi's Conception of Soul", Chuzaimah Batubara
  • "The Quranic Inspiration of Ibn 'Arabi's Vocabulary of Love: Etymological Links and Doctrinal Development", Maurice Gloton
  • "All-Comprehensiveness According to Daud al-Qaysari, and its Implications", Turan Koç
  • Society Notices: Mme Hatice Münevver Ayashli, 1906-1999
  • Book Reviews: Las Contemplaciones de los misterios; Commentaries on Meister Eckhart Sermons; Ibn 'Arabi in the Later Islamic Tradition; The Unlimited Mercifier; El Secreto de los nombres de Dios; Le Livre des chatons des sagesses
Volume XXVIII, 2000
(101 pages)
  • A Poem by Ibn al-'Arabi
  • "Introducing Ibn 'Arabi's 'Book of Spiritual Advice'", James Winston Morris
  • "The Cosmology of Compassion or Macrocosm in the Microcosm", Layla Shamash
  • "The Uwaysi Spirit of Autodidactic Sainthood as the 'Breath of the Merciful'", Gerald Elmore
  • "Saint John of the Cross and Ibn 'Arabi: The Heart or Qalb as the Translucid and Ever-Changing Mirror of God", Luce López-Baralt
  • Society Notices
  • Book Reviews: Concerning the Knowledge of the Night of Power and its Timing; An Unknown Akbarian of the Thirteenth/Fourteenth Century; Le livre des contemplations divines; Le livre des théophanies d'Ibn Arabî
Volume XXIX, 2001
  • A Poem by Ibn al-'Arabi
  • "Four Texts of Ibn 'Arabi on the Creative Self-Manifestation of the Divine Names", Gerald Elmore
  • "Rediscovering Ibn 'Arabi's path to Wisdom, Compassionate Love and Justice in Contrast with Our Other Three Choices of Life", Manfred Halpern
  • "Jesus in the Qur'an: Selfhood and Compassion. An Akbari Perspective", Reza Shah-Kazemi
  • "Timelessness and Time", Jane Carroll
  • "Ibn 'Arabi in the 'Far West': Visible and Invisible Influences", James Winston Morris
Volume XXX, Autumn 2001
  • A Poem by Ibn al-'Arabi
  • "Ibn 'Arabi's Messianic Secret: From 'the Mahdi' to the Imamate of Every Soul", James Winston Morris
  • "The Standpoint of Plato and Ibn 'Arabi on Skepticism", Salman Bashier
  • "Fulfilling Our Potential: Ibn 'Arabi's Understanding of Man in a Contemporary Context", Jane Clark
  • "God and  the Perfect Man in the Experience of 'Abd al-Qâdir al-Jaza'iri", Itzchak Weismann
  • "A Summary of the Life of the Prophet by Ibn 'Arabi and the Miracle of the Palm Tree of Seville", Pablo Beneito Arias
  • Book Reviews
    The Seven Days of the Heart: Prayers for the days and nights of the week (Awrad  al-usbu'), translated by Pablo Beneito and Stephen Hirtenstein
    Taste of Modernity: Sufism, Salafiyya and Arabism in Late Ottoman Damascus, by  Itzchak Weismann
Volume XXXI, Spring 2002
  • A couplet by Ibn 'Arabi
  • The Spirit and the Son of the Spirit: a reading of Jesus ('Isa) according to Ibn 'Arabi; Souad Hakim
  • Descartes and Ibn 'Arabi on The Illuminative Path to the Self; Mahmoud Khatami
  • Stations of No Station; Marty Cohen
  • The Occult Tradition of the Tarot in Tangency with Ibn 'Arabi's Life and Teachings - Part One; Jereer El-Moor
  • The Realms of Responsibility in Ibn 'Arabi's al-Futuhat al-makkiya; Alexander Knysh
  • Book Reviews: Contemplation of the Holy Mysteries; Lawazim al-hubb al-ilahi; Madhumilati: An Indian Romance
Volume XXXII, Autumn 2002
  • A poem by Ibn 'Arabi
  • The Servant of the Loving One: One the Adoption of the Character Traits of al-Wadud; Pablo Beneito
  • The Experience and Doctrine of Love in Ibn 'Arabi; Claude Addas
  • A Counter-History of Islam: Ibn 'Arabi within the Spiritual Topography of Henry Corbin; Vahid Brown
  • The Occult Tradition of the Tarot in Tangency with Ibn 'Arabi's Life and Teachings - Part Two; Jereer El-Moor
  • Book Reviews: 'Umar ibn al-Farid: Sufi Verse, Saintly Life; 'Abd al-Qadir al-Jaza'iri, Le Livre des Haltes
Volume XXXIII, 2003
  • A poem by Ibn 'Arabi
  • The Brotherhood of Milk: Perspectives of Knowledge in the Adamic Clay; Stephen Hirtenstein
  • Early Best-sellers in the Akbarian Tradition: The Dissemination of Ibn 'Arabi's Teaching through Sadr al-din al-Qunawi; Jane Clark
  • Ibn 'Arabi's Rhetoric of Realisation: Keys to Reading and "Translating" the Meccan Illuminations. Part I: Ibn 'Arabi's Audiences and Intentions; James Morris
  • Book Reviews: Urwolke und Welt: Mystische Texte des Größten Meisters; Ibn 'Arabi and Modern Thought: The History of Taking Metaphysics Seriously
Volume XXXIV, 2003
  • A poem by Ibn 'Arabi
  • The Prayer of Blessing [upon the Light of Muhammad] by 'Abd al-'Aziz al-Mahdawi; Pablo Beneito and Stephen Hirtenstein
  • Between Historiography, Hagiography and Polemic: The Relationship between Abu Hafs 'Umar al-Suhrawardi and Ibn 'Arabi; Eric S. Ohlander
  • 'Arif - The Illuminated as Tekke and City of God Within Us; Reshid Hafizovic
  • Ibn 'Arabi's Rhetoric of Realisation: Keys to Reading and "Translating" the Meccan Illuminations, Part II; James Morris
  • Book Reviews: Feats of the Knowers of God (Manaqeb al-'arefin)
Volume XXXV, 2004
  • A Vision and a Poem from the Futuhat makkiyya
  • A Treatise Attributed to Shaykh Muhyi al-Din on the Ultimate Reality (Haqiqat al-haqa'iq); Sajjad H. Rizvi
  • The Central Point: Qunawi's Role in the School of Ibn 'Arabi; William C.Chittick
  • The Fool for Love (Foll Per Amor) as Follower of Universal Religion; by Jereer El-Moor
  • Reality and Image in the Tafsir of Kubra and Razi; by Paul Ballanfat
  • Book Review: Rasa'il Ibn 'Arabi: Sharh Mubtada' al-tufan wa-rasa'il ukhrat
Volume XXXVI, 2004
  • A Poem from the Futuhat makkiyya
  • By way of Essential Meaning; by Peter Coates
  • Unity of Being in Ibn 'Arabi: A Humanist Perspective; by Souad Hakim
  • The Unity of Being in Liu Chih's "Islamic Neoconfucianism"; by Sachiko Murata
  • Practical Sufism: An Akbarian Foundation for a Liberal Theology of Difference; by Vincent J. Cornell
  • The Fool for Love (Foll Per Amor) As Follower of Universal Religion; by Jereer El-Moor.
Volume XXXVII, 2005
  • A Poem from the Futûhât al-Makkîyya
  • The Genesis of Man in Chapter Seven of the Futûhât al-Makkîyya; by Gerald Elmore
  • The Unity of Existence between the Ontological and 'Henological' in Ibn 'Arabi; by Mohamed Mesbahi
  • The Degrees of the Station of No-Station: Regarding the End of the Journey; by Omar Benaissa
  • Journey through desert, Journey towards God: The use of Metaphors of Movement and Space in Ibn 'Arabi's Tarjumân al-Ashwâq; by Jaakko Hameen-Anttila
  • Book Reviews: Der Weg der Liebe: Sufismus, die Mystik der Islam; Divine Sayings: The Mishkât al-Anwâr of Ibn Arabi - 101 Hadîth Qudsî
Volume XXXVIII, 2005
  • Freedoms and Responsibilities: Ibn 'Arabî and the Political Dimension of Spiritual Realisation; by James Morris, Part I
  • Three Dimensions of the Ruh; by Huzayfa Mangera
  • Dâwûd al-Qaysarî: Notes on his Life, Influence and Reflections on the Muhammadan Reality; by Mohammed Rustom;
  • The 'Sun of Religion' Meets its 'Reviver'? A Review-Article of Me and Rumi: The Autobiography of Shams-i Tabrizi; by Jereer El-Moor
  • The Dimensions of the Mystical Journey; by Bahram Jassemi
  • Universal Meanings in Ibn 'Arabi's Fusus al-hikam: Some Comments on the Chapter of Moses; by Jane Clark
  • Book reviews: Sufism and Deconstruction; Sufi Metaphysics and Qur'ânic Prophets; Sanctity and Mysticism in Medieval Egypt
Volume XXXIX, 2006
  • Ibn 'Arabi's Twofold Perception of Woman: Woman as Human Being and Cosmic Principle; by Souad Al-Hakim
  • The Immutable Entities and Time; by Jaakko Hämeen-Anttila
  • The Key Concepts of al-Farghâni's Commentary on Ibn al-Fârid's Sufi Poem, al-Tâ'iyyat al-Kubrâ; by Giuseppe Scattolin
  • Freedoms and Responsibilities: Ibn 'Arabî and the Political Dimension of Spiritual Realisation; by James Morris, Part II
  • Manuscripts of Ibn 'Arabi's Works: Some Preliminaty Notes on al-Dîwâan al-kabîr; by Stepen Hirtenstein
  • Book reviews: The Ringstones of Wisdoms; The Mysteries of Bearing Witness to the Oneness of God and Prophethood of Muhammad
Volume 40, 2006 $12.00
Volume 41, 2007
  • Ibn 'Arabî's Theory of Knowledge (Part One); by Binyamin Abrahamov
  • From the Temporal Time to the Eternal Now: Ibn al-'Arabi and Mulla Sadra on Time; by Ibrahim Kalin
  • There's No Time Like The Present! by Alison Yiangou
  • The Time of Science and the Sufi Science of Time; by Caner Dagli
  • Ibn 'Arabî on Proximity and Distance: Chapters 260 and 261 of the Futûhât; by Mohammed Rustom
  • Manuscripts of Ibn 'Arabî's Works: Names and Titles of Ibn [al-]'Arabî; by Stephen Hirtenstein
  • Book reviews: The Nightingale in the Garden of Love, The Meccan Revelations [of] Ibn al-'Arabi, vols I and II, Cosmology and Architecture in Premodern Islam, Orientations
Volume 42, 2007
  • Ibn 'Arabī's Theory of Knowledge (Part Two); by Binyamin Abrahamov
  • Whoever loses himself finds Me, and whoever finds me never loses Me again; by Suleyman Derin
  • "Know yourself", according to Qur'an and Sunna: Ibn 'Arabī's View; by Ghasem Kakaie
  • Ibn 'Arabī and Swedenborg: Proposals for a Figurative Philosophy; by José Antonio Antón-Pacheco
  • Qur'ānic Wisdom, Prophetology, and Ibn al-'Arabī's Fusūs al-Hikam; by Gerald Elmore
  • Book reviews: A prayer for Spiritual Elevation and Protection, Beauty and Love + Hüsn ü Aşk
Volume 43, 2008
  • "Watered with One Water": Ibn 'Arabi on the One and the Many; by Angela Jaffray
  • Nothing But Animals: The Hierarchy of Creatures in the Ringstones of Wisdom; by Pasha M. Khan
  • The Enigma of the Shajara al-nu'maniyya fi'l-dawla al-'Uthmaniyya, attributed to Ibn 'Arab"; by Denis Gril
  • The Encompassing Heart: Unified Vision for a Unified World; by Kautsar Azhari Noer
  • Knowing the Self and the Non-Self: Towards a Philosophy of Non-Subjectivism; by Ibrahim Kalin
  • The Life and Interesting Times of Osman Fazli; by Christopher Ryan
  • Book Review, Science of the Cosmos, Science of the Soul
Volume 44, 2008
  • Takhmis
  • On the Inner Knowledge of Spirits Made of an Igneous Mixture: Chapter 9 of the Futūhāt al-Makkiyya; by Gracia López Anguita
  • Radical Vision and Unified Religion; by Salman Bashier
  • The Globalisation of Consiousness; by Peter Yiangou
  • The Unity of the School of Ibn 'Arabī and Rumī; by Omar Benaïssa
  • Divine Needs, Divine Illusions: preliminary Remarks towards a comparative Study of Meister eckhart and Ibn 'Arabi; by Ian Almond
  • Book Review: Introduction to Sufi doctrine
Volume 45, 2009
  • Mirāj al-kalima: from the Risāla Qushayriyya to the Futūhāt al-Makkiyya; by Michel Chodkiewicz
  • The Resources of the Human Spirit: A journey through the spiritual experience of Ibn 'Arabi; by Souad Al-Hakim
  • Interreligious Dialogue: Ibn 'Arabi and Meister Eckhart; by Ghasem Kakaie
  • "At the distance of two bows' length or even closer" The figure of the Prophet in the work of 'Abd al-Karim Jili (Part One); by Claude Addas
  • Muhibb Allah Ilāhābādī: South Asian Heir to Ibn 'Arabi; by G.A. Lipton
  • Ibn 'Arabi's influence in Muslim India; Gopal Stavig
  • Book Review: A Spirit of Tolerance: The Inspiring Life of Tierno Bokar
Volume 46, 2009
  • Poem: On the nature of love and longing
  • "At the distance of two bows' length or even closer" The figure of the Prophet in the work of 'Abd al-Karim Jili (Part Two); by Claude Addas
  • The Wisdom of Animals; by William C. Chittick
  • The Wisdom of the Heart: "A turning sphere, a travelling star"; by Cecilia Twinch
  • O marvel! A paradigm shift towards integration; by Stephen Hirtenstein
  • 'Ajamī Mysteries of Sitt 'Ajam Bint al-Nafīs: a Feminine Hermeneutic of an Heiress of Ibn 'Arabī; by Fatima Az-Zahra' Ahmad Langhi
  • Extract from Sharh Mashāhid al-Qudsiyya by Sitt 'Ajam; Translation by Fatima Az-Zahra' Ahmad Langhi
Volume 47, 2010
  • Poem: The Voyage of Vision amongst the Signs
  • I in the Eye of God: Ibn 'Arabī on the Divine Human Self, Jari Kaukua
  • Abandoning the Station (tark al-maqām), as Reflecting Ibn al-'Arabī's Principle of Relativity, Binyamin Abrahamov
  • The Science of Letters in Ibn Masarra: Unified Word, Unified World, Pilar Garrido
  • "See Him in a tree, and see Him in a stone": Ibn 'Arabi's ultra-monorhyme in comparative perspective, Denis E. McAuley
  • A Bosnian Commentator on the Fusūs al-hikam, Rešid Hafizović
  • Created for Compassion: Ibn 'Arabī's work on Dhūl-Nūn the Egyptian, Cecilia Twinch
  • Book review: Beshara and Ibn 'Arabī
Volume 48, 2010
  • Poem: On Divine Counsel
  • The Anthropology of Compassion, William C. Chittick
  • The Mystic's Ka'ba: the cubic wisdom of the Heart according to Ibn 'Arabī, Stephen Hirtenstein
  • Between Annihilation and Subsistence: Ibn al-'Arabi's God of Compassion versus Fundamentalist Nihilism, Salman Bashier
  • Ibn al-'Arabī: The Treasury of Absolute Mercy, Mohamed Haj Yousef
  • Contemporary Appeals of Ibn 'Arabi's Thought, James W. Morris
  • A Brief Sketch of a Guide for the Bewildered: Perplexity in the thought of al-Ghazali, Ibn 'Arabi, and the modern philosophy, Michael Zion Golan
  • The 'alim as Public Intellectual: 'Abd al-Ghani al-Nabulusi as a Scholar–Activist, Steve Tamari
Volume 49, 2011
  • The Prayer of Unity (tawhid)
  • Towards a Biography of Sadr al-Din al-Qunawi, Jane Clark
  • Al-Qunawi's influence on the Ottoman Mathnawi commentary Tradition: History, intellectual context and the case of Abdullah al-Bosnawi, Semih Ceyhan
  • The Image of Guidance: Sadr al-Din al-Qunawi as hadith commentator, Stephen Hirtenstein
  • Al-Qunawi's Discourse: Influences and differences with respect to Ibn 'Arabi, the case of al-Fukuk and al-Fusus, Laila Khalifa
  • Sadr al-Din al-Qunawi's al-Nusus: considerations of al-Haqq tahqiq, Hulya Kucuk and Stephen Hirtenstein
  • Qunawi on the One Wujud, William Chittick
  • The Mystery of Destiny (sirr al-qadar) in Ibn 'Arabi and al-Qunawi, Bakri Aladdin
  • The Library of Sadruddin al-Qunawi, Bekir Sahin
Volume 50, 2011
  • Poem: 'Dead on the Trail in Dhát al-Ádá', translated by Michael Sells
  • Ibn 'Arabi's 'Short Course' on Love, James Winston Morris
  • 'We Will Show Them Our Signs...', Michel Chodkiewicz
  • The Time of Deeds and the Time of Spiritual Knowledge: The past and future of gnosis and sainthood in Ibn 'Arabi's Kitab al-Isfar, Pablo Beneito
  • Hadith in the work of Ibn 'Arabi: the uninterrupted chain of prophecy, Denis Gril
  • The Muhammadian House: Ibn 'Arabi's concept of ahl al-bayt, Claude Addas
  • Ibn 'Arabi, Human Potential, and the Postmodern Self, Nikos Yiangou.
Volume 51, 2012
  • Poem: 'Day falls night', translated by Michael Sells
  • Angela Culme-Seymour
  • Oneness of Being (wahdat al-wujud): The term and the doctrine, Bakri Aladdin
  • Opening the Heart: Ibn 'Arabi on Suffering, Compassion and Atonement, James Morris
  • Unity of Being vs Unity of Experieince: A Comparative Primer of Ibn 'Arabi's and Ahmad Sirhindi's Ontologies, Kevjn Lim
  • Time is not real: Time in Ibn 'Arabi, and from Parmenides (and Heraclitus) to Julian Barbour, Eric Winkel
  • Malatyan soil, Akbarian fruit: From Ibn 'Arabi to Nyazi Misri, Stephen Hirtenstein
  • Book Reviews: In Search of the Lost Heart, Sufi Aesthetics, The Universal Tree and the Four Birds
Volume 52, 2012
    • A poem by Ibn 'Arabī, translated by Denis McAuley
    • Establishing Ibn 'Arabī's Heritage: First findings from the MIAS Archiving Project, Jane Clark and Stephen Hirtenstein
    • The Great Dīwān and its offspring: The collection and dispersion of Ibn 'Arabī's poetry, Julian Cook and Stephen Hirtenstein
    • An Endless Tajalli: A Historiography of Ibn 'Arabi, Ali Hussain
    • Book Reviews: Ibn 'Arabī's Mystical Poetics; The Triumph of Mercy: Philosophy and Scripture in Mullā Sadrā The Lamp of Mysteries
Volume 53, 2013
  • A poem by Ibn 'Arabī, translated by Denis McAuley
  • Divine Calling, Human response: Scripture and Realization in The Meccan Illuminations (Part I), James Morris
  • Ibn 'Arabī in Egypt: The speech of things, Denis Gril
  • Spiritual Realization (al-tahqiq) through Daily Awakening, Eric Geoffroy
  • Ibn 'Arabī on the Problem of Divine Hiddenness, Ebrahim Azadegan
  • The Primordial Tension of Batin (the Hidden) versus Zahir (the Manifest): The case of Ibn 'Arabī and his Quranic hermeneutics, Ata Anzali
Volume 54, 2013 $20.00
Volume 55, 2014
  • A poem by Ibn 'Arabī, translated by Michael Sells
  • Understanding, and translating, the Futūhāt al-Makkiyya, Eric Winkel
  • Mystical Perception and Beauty, Jane Clark
  • Short Poems from Ibn 'Arabi's Tarjumān al-Ashwāq, Michael Sells
  • Beyond the Intellect, Axel Marc Takács
  • A Bayrami Shaykh Bahâeddinzâde Muhyiddin Mehmed Efendi and His Treatise on the Unity of Existence, Semih Ceyhan
  • Book Reviews: Free Will and Predestination in Islamic Thought; Logos and Revelation; Ibn al-'Arabi and the Sufis