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The Symposium

Each year the Society organizes Symposia in the UK and the USA on an aspect of Ibn 'Arabi's work.

These international gatherings bring together people from many different fields and traditions, and include scholars, students, and anyone interested in what Ibn 'Arabi has to say. These events provide a unique opportunity for both speakers and listeners, specialists and non-specialists, to enrich their understanding of the Shaykh's teachings and their relevance today. The Society also encourages public seminars and lectures and can provide speakers on request.

This Vast Earth : Ibn 'Arabi's Ecology of Consciousness

November 10-11, 2017, UC Santa Barbara, California, USA

The 2017 Annual Conference of the Ibn 'Arabi Society in the USA will be held on the seaside campus of the University of California at Santa Barbara. Details to come, but hold the date in your calendar!

Other events


In Defence of Mysticism: William James and Ibn 'Arabi

A talk/seminar led by Peter Coates
London Saturday 17th June 2 pm – 5 pm

William James (1842-1910) was an American psychologist and philosopher who is often regarded as one of the founders of modern psychology. Although psychology in the twentieth century frequently ignored or discounted mystical experience, James himself was convinced of its importance. Concerning his classic book "The Varieties of Religious Experience" he wrote: "..the mother sea and fountain-head of all religions lie in the mystical experiences of the individual... [which]…..belong to a region deeper, and more vital and practical, than that which the intellect inhabits".

Peter Coates is the author of "Ibn 'Arabi and Modern Thought" (2002), the first book to systematically examine modern thought in the light of the universal vision of Ibn 'Arabi. He was Senior Lecturer in the Department of Psychology at the University of Lincoln, where he taught courses in the philosophy of psychology. He has been studying the works of Ibn ‘Arabi for 40 years.

In this seminar we shall investigate parallels between the writings of James and the vision of Ibn 'Arabi, in order to emphasize the universal character of 'Arabi's vision.

Saturday 17th June 2 pm – 5 pm
The October Gallery, 24 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3AL

Entry by ticket.
Cost: £8 + reg fee from Eventbrite:


Ibn Arabi Study Retreats

At Chisholme House, Scottish Borders, July to September 2017

  • The Secrets of Voyaging, July 8-15, with Janet Bowers and Michael Cohen

  • Fusus al Hikam: Prostration and Praise, August 5-12, with Avi Abadi

  • The Ground of Beneficence, August 26-September 2, with Peter Coates

  • Fusus al Hikam: Abraham and Isaac September 4-10, With Jane Clark

These study retreats will be held at Chisholme House in the Scottish Borders - a school dedicated to exploring the essential unity of all existence, the true nature of the self, and how this understanding might affect the way we experience the world. Full details and booking: Tel: +44 (0)1450 880 215